8 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Every heating system in your home accumulates dust, dirt, and other particles that impact the efficiency and performance of your heating system.

Puckett’s HVAC heating maintenance in Easton, MD, ensures that all of your system’s parts are in good working condition to provide you with the warmth you need. Contact us today for any inquiries. 

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

1. Better Efficiency

One of the main advantages of cleaning your furnace annually is improved efficiency. If the furnace boiler and ducts are cleaned, the furnace functions faster. A furnace that operates more efficiently will save you long-term costs.

2. More Warmth

If an HVAC tech expert cleans your furnace, they’ll remove the burners’ dirt, dust, and build-up. The outcome is not just saving on energy, but your furnace will also be more efficient. The HVAC technician will inspect the furnace for air leaks and carbon monoxide problems during their heating maintenance. Contact Puckett’s HVAC in Easton, MD for any assistance you may require.

3. Quiet Operations

It is common to hear the rumble and loud sound of the furnace kicking off. If not maintained correctly, a furnace can vibrate more, and the sound will be louder than expected. During the cleaning technician’s visit, they will secure all furnace elements.

4. Lower Energy Costs

As time passes, dust and particles accumulate on filters and other components of your furnace. It can significantly reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Regular cleaning of your system will help lower the risk of issues with the system and indirectly reduce or lower energy costs.

5. Duct Obstructions

There can be instances where obstructions can cause issues and affect heat flow through the home. Remove any obstructions to ducts during your heating service in Easton, MD. Dirt is among the most common components that fill up ducts. However, there could be rodents residing in your ducts too, so be careful while maintaining the system.

6. Keep your Warranty

Suppose you ever have to contact your warranty to request an entire furnace replacement. In that case, the company will likely request documents from your service provider to prove that you’ve invested in the maintenance required to ensure that your furnace is in good condition.

7. Oil Filter Replacements

A common task to be completed during each cleaning is a replacement of the oil filter. Modern oil tanks are typically overflowing with grime and sludge. If your tank runs low in liquid, the grime could get through the pipes and block the filter. When a filter is replaced, the oil will be able to reach the furnace faster and give the furnace more intense and hot combustion.

8. Analyzing Small Problems

An entire furnace inspection is one of the best ways to spot any signs of problems that most people overlook. If these minor issues are dealt with care, it will prevent more significant issues later on.

Heating service in Easton, MD, done by one of our certified technicians, is essential to keep your heating oil machine running effectively and keep your energy cost affordable. Check that your furnace or boiler operates effectively by scheduling an appointment for a tune-up. Contact Puckett’s HVAC today!