Common HVAC problems and how you can prevent them

Winter is not always fun and games, especially if your HVAC is not running properly. A faulty heating system can be a total buzzkill for winter celebrations, and you surely don’t want that. To escape the problem of a malfunctioning heating system, the key is to make sure it is working properly before it gets burdened with non-stop working.

Common Heating System Problems

We have mentioned some of the problems your HVAC system may face in the winter season and how you can avoid them. The list is as follows:

  1. Restricted airflow
    Restricted airflow can present itself in two ways; first, some rooms are colder than others, and second, the airflow is not at its full capacity. This problem is caused by blocked filters and vents and dirty air ducts.
    Prevention: To correct the airflow, you need to make sure that the vents are not blocked by anything. Another thing that you can do is check that all the pipes are connected to air supply vents.

  2. Frozen pipes
    Another concern for HVAC systems in winter is frozen pipes that are caused due to ice accumulation in pipes or vents. This can restrict the flow of hot water heaters and steam radiators. Frozen pipes not only affect the function of a heating system, they can be very dangerous for homeowners, too, as they are likely to burst due to the accumulated ice.
    Prevention: Checking and cleaning the pipes and vents regularly is the best way to avoid frozen pipes. For this, you may need help in heating maintenance in Easton MD.

  3. Faulty heat pumps
    Many homeowners rely on external heat pumps for warmth in cold weather. External pumps usually fall victim to frost that can block the coils and fan. These heat pumps have automatic defrost settings, but they might not work in case of heavy snowfall.
    Prevention: To clear the frost, all you need to do is clean the blockages in pipes and coils and check the defrost settings. If there is any fault in the defrost, you can contact a professional in heating repair in Justin for services.

  4. Carbon monoxide leakage
    Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas. Detecting it can be hard because it is doorless and invisible. Before the winter season arrives, you should get a Carbon Monoxide detector installed by a professional to avoid such risks. You can also ask them to check the gas level in your home.
    Prevention: The leak occurs mainly due to a damaged heat exchanger in the heater. Check the exchangers regularly to ensure that there are no cracks in them.

A little bit of awareness is all you need to make your HVAC properly. To help you in that, Puckett’s Heating and Air Conditioning is always there! We are one of the top Air Conditioning Repair Easton MD County and surrounding areas, always ready to resolve all your HVAC-related problems. For AC Service in  Easton MD, call us at 443-239-2129.