How to Prolong the Life of Your AC Unit?

Air conditioner units are some of the most expensive appliance investments homeowners make. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to frequent breakdowns and repairs, which decreases the lifespan of the air conditioner unit. To save as much money as possible, it is important to go for AC repair in Easton MD, a reliable service provider which helps with all the necessary repairs needed for your system.

Properly caring for your air conditioner unit will prolong the life of the unit. To help extend the life of your air conditioner, there are certain things to consider. 

Ways to Prolong the Life of an Air Conditioner Unit

Give Your Air Conditioner Unit Rest

When your air conditioners are running constantly, they tend to wear and tear quickly. It is good to always turn off the air conditioner when it is not in use. You can turn on the thermostat at night or keep it at a minimum of 5 degrees to allow the unit to stay on but not cool the air. This technique will allow you to extend the life of the air conditioner unit. 

Ensure Your Vents are Free From Clutter

Your air conditioner unit is equipped with return vents and intake vents. Return vents disperse the air to each room while the intake vents draw in air to the air conditioner unit. So, if intake or return vents are blocked, your air conditioner unit will not function properly. Therefore you need to make sure that your vents are free from dust and debris. 

Get Regular AC Tune-ups

It is important to get regular air conditioner tune-ups from trusted sources like AC Installation in Easton MD. Regular tune-ups of your unit will make sure that your unit is in great condition and will avoid any future problems related to the system.

The best time for a tune-up is typically in the spring, right before the summer season, as that is the time when you tend to use the system more. Also, twice a year tune-ups are recommended as it will improve the efficiency of the system.

Clean Your AC Unit Regularly

Even with the scheduled maintenance, your air conditioner unit will still need regular cleanings. The outdoor unit of the system will get dirty just from being outdoors. Cleaning the dirt and the debris of the outdoor unit will keep your system working in efficient condition. When the outdoor unit of the system is clean, then the chance of breaking down reduces.  

Check for Leaks

It is very important to check your air conditioner unit for leaks at least once per year. If there are leaks in the unit or the hose, then the unit may break down. Having your system checked for leaks will ensure that mishap doesn’t happen in the future. 

No matter what model or brand air conditioner unit you own, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to service your system efficiently. Contact us  at Puckett’s HVAC for excellent and timely air conditioning services in Easton MD. We are always happy to help you!