The Most Common Furnace Problems Destroying Your Winter Joy

Halloween is almost here- after that comes Thanksgiving and very soon Christmas. These three months of October, November, and December might just be one of the most magical times of the year, but they are also the months that lead up to the winter cold. Having a working furnace in such times is of utmost importance and can make or break your spirit. Read on below to know about the ten most common furnace problems that might affect your furnace and learn how to spot them before the situation gets too bad.

The Thermostat has Stopped Working

Probably one of the most common furnace problems is a faulty thermostat. But how do you make sure that it’s the thermostat that is malfunctioning and not something else? A sure-fire way to know is to check if the system’s fan is constantly running. A 24/7 rotating fan causes the thermostat battery to discharge quickly, resulting in a faulty furnace that works inefficiently. You can ensure this is the issue by putting the fan on auto mode and switching through different heat settings to check if it is constantly running.

Pilot Light that Seems out of Place

The natural color of methane is blue, and that is what should be reflected in your furnace’s pilot light. If you notice that the pilot light of your furnace is flickering, has turned weak, or takes on an oddly yellow color, this could be an indicator of excess carbon monoxide inside your furnace. Considering that the pilot light is essential to your furnace functioning properly, any change should be considered concerning and require professional help.

Noises from your Furnace

This is a tricky one. There can be several reasons as to why your furnace is making a noise. 

  1. If you hear a high-pitched squeaking and squealing sound from your furnace, it might be because of your blower belt. The blower belt is a part of the motor that helps your furnaces fan run, but there is a chance that they might begin to fray or break. A quick replacement is both affordable as well as excellent for the performance of your furnace in the long run.

  2. Secondly, if you hear a scraping sound, the issue might lie in your furnace’s ball bearings. Similar to the blower belt, ball bearings can wear out and require replacement.

  3. If you hear pinging sounds from your furnace, it could be blamed on the ductwork that can expand or contract as per the seasons. Especially now, since the weather is changing, expect to hear some if not all sounds from your furnace.

  4. Last but not least are rattling sounds. Based on a similar reason as the ducts, rattling noises can come from loose panels on the furnace that needs to be tightened.

It’s time for Action Today!

If you are being plagued by any of these issues, a call to your local furnace repairman seems due. And if you are looking for heating service in Easton, MD, there’s no better option than Puckett’s Heating and Air Conditioning. With complete solutions for air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, ductless and heat pumps, Puckett’s Heating and Air Conditioning serves residential, light commercial, and new construction zones and is one of the best for AC Repair in Easton MD