The Telltale Signs You Need Heating Repair

As winter approaches, a common fear is that your heater stops working suddenly in the middle of the night. The way to avoid this is to ensure that your heater is in prime condition. Conducting regular maintenance and repair checks can help avoid this issue.

Signs That You Need Heating Repair

Here are some signs indicating that you need to repair your heating system and heating service in Easton, MD.

A Sudden Surge In The Electricity Bill

If something is wrong with the heating system, you might notice a sudden rise or increase in your electricity bill. It is highly unlikely the electricity bill will show a sudden rise, as companies often mark the rise in bills gradually. However, if you notice this, the system will likely have faulty wiring, pulling more power from the main socket to function well.

Uneven Heating System

In most houses, the heating system is built using the duct system. This means there must be a constant temperature in all the rooms and corners of the house. Something might be wrong if you notice an uneven heating system or temperature in certain areas of your house. Firstly, you should try adjusting the thermostat. However, if it doesn’t work, you must consider repairing your heating system.

Ineffective Temperature Controls

Even after adjusting for setting the thermostat limits, if you notice the heating system is not working efficiently, it most likely requires repair. For instance, something must be wrong if it is not warm enough as per the set temperature or overly heated.

Weird Noises

Most heating systems are silent or have their unique sound. If you have been using this for a long time, you must now be adapted to it. If you notice any strange sounds, such as screeching or humming, coming from within the heating system, it’s best to call a technician to take a look. Strains are often caused when two parts of the equipment rub against each other and cause friction.

Foul Odor

If a strange smell comes from the heating system, consider changing the filter system or cleaning it. However, if the smell persists, there might be some clog within the duct system. You’ll need a technician to repair and clean the heating system from the inside.

Check The Pilot Light

The Pilot light is a safety light in the heating system. If the pilot light is turned yellow, it indicates some damage within the system. For instance, accumulation of tar or rusting of the internal equipment. If the pilot light has a different color than usual, you must call a technician before turning it on.

The Final Word

Calling a technician for help before using the heating system every winter season can help you save a lot of money. Moreover, it can also help you improve your heating system’s life. Contact the experts from Puckett’s HVAC to get the best HVAC services in Easton, MD.