The Ultimate Carbon Monoxide Guide All You Need to Know

People across the globe want their loved ones to stay safe and comfortable inside their homes. This is why every homeowner in the present times keeps their home equipped with the latest technological home appliances like a furnace, air conditioners, heat pumps, a sturdy smoke detection system, and so on. 
However, there could still be one threat that hides within your home, i.e., carbon monoxide. If you do not know, carbon monoxide(CO) is a transparent, scentless, and tasteless gas known to be fatal to human beings. Your AC, furnaces, and heat pumps can be prominent sources that can leak this lethal gas into your home. Hence you must routinely call up experts for cooling and heating maintenance in Easton, MD, to inspect your home’s electrical appliances. 

What causes carbon monoxide formation?

Carbon monoxide is a direct outcome of fire lighting in an enclosed space. The existence of fire decreases the volume of oxygen in place and raises the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide). The alternating levels of gas, in turn, influence the combustion method and produce carbon monoxide.
For this purpose, ovens and gas stoves, heaters, obstructed chimneys, air conditioners, or any area with heating and inadequate ventilation can create an accretion in carbon monoxide.

Understanding carbon monoxide poisoning

When the human body absorbs oxygen, that oxygen unites with the hemoglobin, transporting the oxygen to the red blood cells. Nevertheless, when there is carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, it mixes with hemoglobin and reduces the amount of oxygen in the body.
The severity of symptoms of carbon monoxide depends on the volume of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and how long it remained in the air, but common symptoms include:

    • vomiting and nausea
    • headaches
    • vertigo
    • weakness
    • shortness of breath
    • loss of consciousness
    • confusion

Also, if you think carbon monoxide is leaking at your place, get out of your house immediately and get some fresh air. 

How to identify and limit carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide can be challenging to identify due to its lack of distinguishing characteristics. It is not likely to get detected by a meter outside your place. Luckily, there are carbon monoxide detectors that you can buy to inspect the carbon monoxide levels in your home before it becomes too pervasive of a significant issue. 
These carbon monoxide detectors possess a lifecycle of approximately six years and do not require frequent repairs. In addition, calling experts for routine HVAC maintenance will ensure no imminent threat of carbon monoxide leak at your place and that you are not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
To sum up, we can say that carbon monoxide is a deadly, poisonous gas that can be detrimental to your health and the well-being of your loved ones. This is why you must ensure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks at your place. If you are looking for reliable professionals for your routine HVAC repair or tune-up, look no further than Puckett’s Heating and Air Conditioning. 

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