Why is Your Air Conditioner Unit Making a Loud Noise?

Desirable air flow with a noisy operation is not the combination any HVAC owner would like. After spending a considerable part of our income on AC installation in Easton, MD, the only thing one expects is a comfortable and soothing indoor atmosphere. The odd and unexpected AC noises can ruin our whole mood. 

A quiet indoors is essential for our mental health too. Many factors are responsible for the air conditioning unit making noises. 

What Causes AC to Make Strange Noises?

An Issue With the Installation

DIY AC installation or installation performed by an inexperienced or non-licensed technician can lead to this trouble. Loose bolts, improperly fitted blower fan, etc., are the drawbacks of incorrect installation. These loose and imbalanced parts hit each other during AC operation and cause rattling noises that get louder with time. 

Fault in the Ductwork

The improperly installed ductwork also results in strange noises. Poorly designed ductwork makes air distribution uneven. When there is an imbalance in the air pressure, this causes hissing and gurgling noises. The cracks in the ductwork cause leakage, resulting in these kinds of weird sounds.

Sealing them up can help you get rid of such noises. If there is any problem with the installation, the whole ductwork will need to be reinstalled to fix the noise problem. 

Broken or Damaged AC Component

If any internal component of an air conditioner is broken or the fan blades are damaged, they produce a clanging noise. The only way to fix the broken components of an AC is to get them replaced by an experienced professional.

Aging of the Unit

The loud vibration, clicking, and scraping sounds are more common in a too old AC unit. When your air conditioner crosses its lifespan limit, it starts producing strange noises due to its worn-out mechanism. Sometimes, lack of maintenance and ignorance towards annual tune-up also leads to annoying noise production. 

How to Fix the Loud Noise Problem?

The first thing you should do when you hear disturbing noises is to call the technician. An inspection is a must to know the exact reason for the AC becoming noisy. Whether there is a fault in the ductwork, blower fan, or refrigerant line, a technician will troubleshoot them quickly and efficiently. 

To prevent the loud noise problem after AC service in Easton, MD, keep your AC unit free from debris, dirt, and mold growth. 

If loose bolts or blades are causing this problem, you can tighten them yourself using a screwdriver. A motor, when it needs lubrication, indicates this need through humming noises. Annual AC servicing covers motor lubrication that can prevent such noises. 

If your AC is naturally noisy and not due to any internal damage, you can install a compressor blanket, construct a fence around the outside unit, and plant shrubs near the condenser to block the noise. 

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